Harbinger: The First in the Seasons of Sacrifice Series

 In Works in Progress

Today I turn 32 years old and there’s nothing I want more for my birthday than to kick back a few glasses of wine and transfer this new drawing onto a wood panel for painting!

I’m finally making progress again on the Seasons of Sacrifice project. I was doing a lot of meaningful doodles and planning, but I kept running into the same brick wall. I felt like I wasn’t having the breakthrough I really need in order to start producing more interesting compositions.

This piece started out simply enough… a doodle on a piece of paper with a dude and a bird on it…

Harbinger Doodle by Rebecca Magar

It was ok, but I didn’t love it… In fact, it reminded me too much of my valkyrie painting. It didn’t feel exciting enough for what I was trying to convey, so I kept doodling … and … eventually I had a little breakthrough:

Harbinger Concept by Rebecca Magar

This was definitely it! I didn’t even bother to finish the doodle. I went straight to a finished drawing because I fell in love with this idea. This concept felt like a breakthrough to me. This drawing has pushed me beyond my comfort zone (which is what this entire project is really meant to accomplish). I’m hoping to transfer the drawing onto a wood panel tonight or tomorrow so I can start painting this weekend! The title for this artwork will be, Harbinger.

Harbinger Drawing from the Seasons of Sacrifice project by Rebecca Magar

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