Geirskögul Valyrie Painting Complete

 In Works in Progress

I spent many months toward the end of 2016 trying to finish the viking painting of Geirskögul. It was one of the most ambitious pieces I’ve done, and I spent more than 40 hours total painting it. I usually work on fairly simple compositions at a smaller size than this, so, it was really a struggle painting a piece with so many elements that is completely made up in my mind.

The lighting, colors and composition all have to be imagined from nothing and doing so can be extremely complicated to pull off. I made mistakes (and corrected them), I struggled through hating this piece so much I was ready to throw it out completely, but then something clicked, and I was able to bring it back from the brink of destruction.

I think this painting will always be important to me just because of my love/hate relationship with it, and I can’t express how glad I am to have finished it!

Geirskögul - Painting of a Valkyrie by Rebecca Magar

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