Seasons of Sacrifice – An Inspired Illustrative Project in Its Infancy

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Fall is a season of change. It could be seen as a time of death. The leaves curl inward and wither away, the air becomes cold and quiet, frost nips at the petals of wilting flowers, and forgotten pumpkins wilt into empty, despondent faces on our doorsteps. This time of year is the beginning of an end, and in many ways I feel like I am one of those dying leaves curling inward in retrospect and reexamining myself, my creative process, and my goals.

I have pushed myself to do more with my art this year than ever before. As a result, I’ve had a lot of successes and a lot of failures. I’ve also struggled from day-to-day to find myself creatively – frequently asking big questions about where I am heading and where I want to be. Within all of this action, a deeper, nagging question recurs – a question about whether what I am creating is really inspired and if it has any personal meaning to me. Ideas come and go, but I haven’t felt that deep, genuine inspiration … Until recently. It is this inspiration that has caused me to rethink what I am doing and where I plan to direct my efforts in the near future.

Instead of working in single, individual pieces, I believe it is time for me to push myself to see the bigger picture. I am calling this project, “Seasons of Sacrifice.” It is a fully formed, intensely inspired and very personal project that will take some time and dedication to complete.

I am planning on taking a step back from social media and will likely only be posting finished pieces there. If you would like to follow me on this journey and see it evolve in its context, I will be providing more regular updates and thoughts via email. You can sign-up for the mailing list here:, or use the signup form to the right of this post.

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Here are some initial concept sketches:

Seasons of Sacrifice - An Inspired Illustrative Project by Rebecca Magar


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