Valkyrie Painting Featured on Creative Finder Front Page

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I received a pretty cool email tonight from one of the art portfolio sites that I use. They selected the Valkyrie painting for their front page featured images! Check it out at

Hi Rebecca,


Your image has been handpicked by our portfolio crew for a feature, under the ‘images’ column, on the main page of The Creative Finder! Share the news with your contacts today!

With this feature, the outstanding work of art which is tagged with your name appears prominently towards thousands of businesses and collaborators who use our network daily to find creative professionals like yourself.

Please note that there is no fixed timeframe your image feature will remain on the main page. This is because we aim to provide the freshest content for our visitors, and the most recent features will occupy the top positions, replacing the older ones.

However, because we review and feature outstanding images on an hourly basis, the best way to earn another feature is to upload all your fresh creations whenever you have them. Keep making and sharing great works to maximize your exposure!

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