Two of Wands Artwork for the Dark Art Tarot Project Sees Completion

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So the Dark Art Tarot Project was successfully funded on Kickstarter! There are still a handful of artists who need to deliver their artwork for the project, but I’m excited to announce that I finally completed the Two of Wands! I did do research before I started on this piece with the hopes of incorporating all of the right meanings, but I had no intention of going the traditional route with it either. So the below is the result of my own take on those meanings.

You’ll find the elements (earth, water, wind/air, and fire) and the constellation Aries is hidden in the background stars. There are a lot of hidden symbolisms in the piece that I don’t think need to be explained, but I’m hoping someone who is familiar with Tarot will see them!

Here’s the final artwork, and you can watch the making of this painting in the speed painting video above, or check it out on my youtube channel: .

Two of Wands Painting for the Dark Art Tarot Project by Rebecca Magar


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