Two of Wands Artwork – Initial Sketch

 In Works in Progress

I was asked very recently if I would contribute to a dark art tarot deck – a collaboration between many artists. I was thrilled by the idea because I have always wanted to do a tarot deck, but taking on an entire deck seems out of reach at the moment. It’s exciting to be able to do this one card and contribute to a bigger project as a team!

I was selected to take-on the two of wands and was almost immediately inspired because this particular card connects to a previous drawing I did many years ago. This older drawing was a pen and ink piece that my boyfriend (now husband) colorized in photoshop. I had always loved the idea of the piece, but after many years, I have been looking back at it longingly and wanting to recreate it as a painting instead.

As soon as I heard two of wands, I imagined this piece (but, improved and extended). So I sat down last night, and sketched-out an initial drawing. I might make a few tweaks when I transfer it over, but I’m really looking forward to putting some paint down on it!


Two of Wands Sketch - Drawing by Rebecca Magar

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