The Promise of Death Artwork is Complete!

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I’ve been dying to find time to pick up my new oil paints and get to work, so when Meta/Mor/Fos approached me about doing a quick album cover for their Skenvägar release, I was happy to do it on last minute terms (and perhaps for mostly selfish reasons). This isn’t actually going to be used for the album cover because the small record label that was planning on putting this album out didn’t like it, but I’m really stoked to have pounded this one out so quickly anyway. I probably won’t be doing any free commissions for anyone again anytime soon (you live and learn), but I’m glad to have FINALLY gotten the opportunity to break-open those new paints!

This piece is titled, The Promise of Death. I opted to take my own reference photos this time around and worked on a handful of unfinished sketches before finally transferring the drawing to a wood panel. This piece took approximately 18 hours total (including sketching) to complete, making it one of the fastest paintings I’ve produced to-date.

You can view the artwork on my portfolio page here:

Here’s the reference pics I took using my handy husband:

The Promise of Death Painting Reference Photos

Here’s The Promise of Death finished artwork:

The Promise of Death - Oil Painting by Rebecca Magar

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