A Sci-Fi Spider Sketch

 In Works in Progress

I was messing around with my sketchbook yesterday and the following sketch resulted. I’m not really sure what I think of it yet, but it now exists as a tangible visual in my reality, so, I won’t fight the flow!

I posted it in some Facebook groups and asked for ideas for names. It’s cool to see the variety of stories that different people can create about a piece and the comparisons that everyone makes. This sketch was compared to everything from Dune, to Venture Brothers, to World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and even to Aladdin! Someone said the skull reminds them of Cthulhu as well.

Sometimes I have a story in my head when I create something, but other times I just have vague visuals that ultimately come together into something kinda cool. This is one of those sketches that was just meant to exist, and the story is what you make it!


Black Widow Spider Wasteland Sketch by Rebecca Magar

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