Lover’s Hill – A Place Where the Fires of Passion, Hatred & Love Burn Bright

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I recently received a request to use some of my pieces on upcoming posts from Lover’s Hill. This story-in-the-making is truly well written and fascinating. If you’re a reader you should definitely check it out and follow the Lover’s Hill facebook page!



Read the description of Lover’s Hill below:

What Is Lover’s Hill? Where Am I?
Lover’s Hill is a towne. Lover’s Hill is a series of stories. Lover’s Hill is a living, breathing, piece of alternate history. Lover’s Hill is a place where the fires of passion, hatred, and love burn bright, and are all-consuming. Lover’s Hill is a place where the streets are always dark, choked by shadows and fog, and there are shapes out in those shadows and in that fog. We invite you to step into these streets, and see if you can make out the shapes in the darkness…

And Yet More About Lover’s Hill…
Lover’s Hill started as a bit of fantasy horror/romance tomfoolery, but it has my attention now for quite some time and it won’t let go. I realized that it’s a cool little place with a lot going on, and as the tales come to me I bang ’em out on my keyboard. They are complete one-offs; I just do them stream of consciousness (or i’m channeling these folk, that’s how I like to look at it), and I post them after checking for typos and such. It’s kinda like jazz improv, but with love and loss and murder and corpses that won’t stay dead and gravediggers and ghosts and all manner of devils and devilry and such.

I’m having a lot of fun finding out what’s going on in Lover’s Hill, and hearing the tales straight from the folk, and it would be even more fun if others came along for the journey. So come on in and get acquainted with the fine folk of The Hill!

The big picture in Lover’s Hill is not always up front, and the fun in reading it (to me) is connecting the dots for yourself, spotting the shapes in the fog. What is The Singer’s plan? Is The Wash Boy a “good guy”? What will become of Isla Brown? Have we seen the last of Captain Marsh? Who are the Dagger Men, really?? These are mysteries that I hope are as tantalizing to you as they are to me. Stick with me, and we’ll find out.

As for me, the name’s Evan Dean Shelton. I’m just a southern man, doing what he can. Check me out on the ol’ facebook for other stuff I might be up to that might be interesting, such as: music, blogging, occult biz, and stories that aren’t so Lover’s Hill-ish.

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