A Green Dragon for a Cannabis Art Contest

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I was recently exploring the web and saw some people posting about an art competition hosted by the Natural Cannabis Company and judged by Juxtapoz. I immediately had the unstoppable urge to enter something into the competition, but of course, I didn’t learn about it until 12 days before the cut-off date for submissions. I am usually hard pressed to finish a piece within a month, let alone 12 days!

But, I couldn’t stop the nagging feeling that I HAD to paint a ‘green dragon’ for this, and I already had him envisioned in my head. So, I have worked non-stop for 3-days-straight to finish this little piece!

Now I need your help! I entered it into the competition, and they have a voting system where you can click the vote button on the pieces you like best!

I don’t have a lot of time to drum-up support like other artists, but I’m asking all of my followers and friends; if you like this piece (only if you really like it) would you do me the biggest favor in the world and click on this link, then click the “Vote” button? I would like to thank everyone in advance for supporting my creative efforts!

Click to vote! http://woobox.com/cp7fwm/gallery/08NYXktCdFA

Green Dragon Sitting on Toadstools with Cannabis by Rebecca Magar


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