The Dark Art Tarot Project

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I’m super stoked to be a contributor to a collective, international dark art tarot deck featuring artwork from some of the most incredible artists alive! 78 artists including Paolo Girardi, Mark Cooper, Jim Pavelec and many more will be contributing artwork to create a complete deck (including both the major and minor arcana).

Since most of us are starving artists, this deck will only be funded if enough supporters show interest in the Kickstarter campaign. This project is international, but is sourced in Australia. For anyone unsure about the exchange rates, Kickstarter will convert this for you during checkout. A complete deck with sticker pack and pins will cost approximately $67 USD total (including shipping from Australia). A total of $4,526 USD will need to be raised in order to cover the costs. Any additional monies raised will be distributed to the contributing artists.

I’ve decided to complete my artwork for this project regardless of whether it gets funded or not because I was so inspired by the project! I was assigned the two of wands, which is now about halfway completed. Check out the progress below and visit the Kickstarter page to pledge your support at: To learn more about the artists involved, check out the Facebook page here:

Two of Wands Dark Art Tarot by Rebecca Magar

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