Creators and Critics – A CvltNation Review

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I’m often reminded of the roles that we take on as human beings and how those roles not only mutually support one-another but also give our creations validity. We’ve all taken on the role of being a a critic or supporter of something at some point, and most of us have also taken on the role of being a creator. When it comes to my own art and music, I’m just a humble creator without much real influence in the world, so it gives me especially good feelings when anyone comes along and takes on the role of a critic or a supporter of my work. It’s these bits of validation that help me stay positive. With that being said, I’m extremely honored to have been featured in this recent CvltNation review and I want to extend a huge thank you to the author for ‘creating’ it:

CvltNation Wailing Wizard and Cultic Review

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