Birds Voted to Participate in Animal Themed Card Deck

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A few months back I submitted some artwork to the playing cards project. Their plans to produce a deck of animal themed, fantasy themed and sci-fi themed decks (via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign) sounded too fun to pass up, so, I submitted to both the animal and fantasy decks.

I’m really excited to announce that the voting has wrapped-up for the animal themed deck and my birdies have been voted-in!

Congratulations Rebecca!

We are very excited to let you know that you have been selected to have your artwork featured in the final Animals Playing Card deck! We had over 78,000 image votes from our members and your artwork was one of the top-rated images submitted for this project.

You are a very talented artist and we thank you for participating on this project. As compensation for your artwork and efforts, we will be promoting you in various marketing efforts and providing you with one free deck that features your artwork. We will also be paying out a small commission to each participating artist after all project expenses are paid. Additional compensation details will be shared during the next phase of the project as we gather some final information from you about your artwork.


Next week we will be sending out another e-mail to you with additional details and next steps. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance into the project, provide a title for your artwork, your contact information for deck shipping and digitally sign an artwork release, so we can use your artwork for the project. You can expect to see this next e-mail around May 16th.

To view the voting breakdown and which image was selected as the winner, visit the upload page:

Congratulations again for being chosen and we will be in touch with you next week.

— ArtWanted Staff

Voting should will commence for the Fantasy deck on May 16th, and ultimately a Kickstarter campaign will be launched for all three decks! You can learn more about the project, submit art, and/or cast your votes here:

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